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Paw Naturel Peppermint Natural Dog Shampoo 5 Litre

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Dogs love the smell of fresh mint and you will love the smell of your dogs after pampering them in Paw Naturel Peppermint.

Just like the fragrance free Paw Naturel dog shampoo, our peppermint version will leave dogs coats matt free, fresh and easy to manage.

Peppermint is a brilliant natural flea repellant, and also has great antiseptic properties too. Paw Naturel products are premium kind and caring, have protective and moisturising properties. They are gentle yet very effective. All ingredients are safe human grade ingredients. The products are FREE from SLS, SLES, Alcohol & parabens.

The shampoo is puppy friends and can be used frequently. Its vegetarian and Vegan friendly as well as being cruelty free, tested on humans.

NOT recommended for use on Cats.  Please see Fragrance free version.

Also comes in 30ml, 200ml and 2 Litre sizes.

All our shampoos can be applied neat, or diluted at 32 to 1 in a mixing bottle (we sell these) and also perfect for hydrobaths.

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