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I have used this shampoo in my busy grooming salon. I am very fussy about the products that I use in my salon and always promote natural products where possible. I trialled it on at least 20 different breeds, coat types, skin states and used it not only neat but also used it in my hydrobath. Being honest when I put it on the first dog I didn't want to like it and really put it through its paces. It foams up beautifully with only a very small.amount of the product, and cleans the coat easily to a squeak. The foam disperses instantly you put clean water in the coat. The coat also dries so much quicker, and it feels amazing. The finish on the coat is stunning. Needless to say I love it and have now bought it to use in my salon, this product is as natural as it can possibly be, it's safe for all skin types and it is also very gentle on our skin too, most of the shampoos I have used in my 28 years of grooming have always dried my hands and made them sore, this doesn't do that in fact my hands don't need moisturiser anymore after bathing each dog I do. All I can say is give it a go you won't be disappointed it is an outstanding reasonably priced quality product.

Francine Bennett - LA Spa N Groom, Leicester

I used it on some dogs with known skin issues and some without. I found it cleaned well. One dog, Spenny, is an elderly cocker spaniel who tends to wee on herself so she didn't smell too great but it did neuteralise the odour and clean her very well even though its not highly scented. She smelled clean afterwards with no hint of urine, so very happy with that. No skin reactions from any dogs, and my hands felt fine, although I do usually only suffer with dry hands in the winter time, so it would be interesting to use it in colder weather. The shampoo foamed ok, not too much foam so it was easy to rinse off. The shampoo went quite far, Ive so far washed five dogs in it and still have half a bottle left, so a concentrated version that i can dilute will probably go even further. I found the shampoo worked well for coated dogs as it didn't dry the coat, so brushing was easy. I used it on a Westie with very sore skin and it was gentle on her, and on a Bichon without skin issues. I also used it on my own Jack Russell so i could better monitor her afterwards. Overall I would say this is a nice product and cleans very well.

Gill Douglas - Dog's Life Grooming, Fleetwood

I recently bought both shampoos from the Discover Dogs show this year. I used the shampoo for the first time in my grooming salon today and have fallen in love with these products. They smell great, leaves the dogs coat shiny and feeling fresh.

Chloe Jiggins - Doggy Lodge Grooming, Essex

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