Meet our new product - Rub and Scrub Heart bars

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Designed and made locally with a specialist supplier, I just love this unique product.  Using our special natural formula packed with natural ethically sourced ingredients, the same process for our Rub & Scrub Sugar Bars.

When designing this product we wanted to make a bigger Rub and Scrub sugar cleansing bar that would fit nicely in a hand, and a pretty design too.  Using the same sweet Caramel fragrance this heart shaped bar complements our range.  Packed full of glycerine and natural sugar.  These cleansing soap bars use high quality and are so efficient and super cost effective.

 Here is a video sent in from one of our lovely customers who used the rub and scrubs on her horse.  Below you will see before, duing and after photos.

These beauties are great at getting rid of stains, smells and an excellent way of adding on a service for dog grooming salons and spa, by using these as a beauty treatment.


 Here are the photos of Leo Before and after his Rub & Scrub treatment:

Leo before his Paw Naturel Rub and Scrub TreatmentLeo after his Paw Naturel Rub and Scrub Treatment


Below is a video demonstrating how to use the Rub and Scrub bars on a dog:


Click here to view more information on this product on our website.

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