Trade Social Starter Pack

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The Starter Pack is a great way to try out a selection of products from across various collections in one bundle. Plus there's FREE SHIPPING to mainland UK, and selected locations, as well as 2 free 200ml shampoos of your choice to giveaway on Social Media.

The pack contains:

5x Original 200ml Shampoo, 5x Peppermint 200ml Shampoo, 5x Lemongrass 200ml Shampoo, 5x Flower Power 200ml Shampoo, 5x Sugar Candy 200ml Shampoo, 5x Shampoo Trial Pack, 4x Peppermint 100ml Paw de Parfum, 4x Lemongrass 100ml Paw de Parfum, 4x Flower Power 100ml Paw de Parfum, 4x Sugar Candy 100ml Paw de Parfum, 4x Puppy Fresh 100ml Paw de Parfum, 4x Paw & Nose Balm, 2x 104g Rub & Scrub, 4x Rub & Scrub Heart, 3x Eco Cleansing Bar 210g, 4x Emergency Treats