Trade Shampoo Starter Pack

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The Starter Pack is a great way to try out a selection of products from across various collections in one bundle. Plus there's FREE SHIPPING to mainland UK.

The pack contains:

4x Original 200ml Shampoo, 4x Peppermint 200ml Shampoo, 4x Lemongrass 200ml Shampoo, 4x Flower Power 200ml Shampoo, 4x Sugar Candy 200ml Shampoo, 4x Shampoo Trial Pack, 2x Paw & Nose Balm, 1x 52g Rub & Scrub, 1x 104g Rub & Scrub, 2x Rub & Scrub Heart, 2x Poultry Emergency Dog Treat, 2x Fish Emergency Dog Treat