Paw De Parfum Peppermint 30ml Dog Fragrance - Paw Naturel

Paw De Parfum Peppermint 30ml Dog Fragrance

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Get your paws all over this my friends.

Paw Naturel's new pawfume on the block.

Naturally kind and friendly to skin and coat, free from alcohol.

Our Peppermint Fresh perfume is gorgeous, its  fresh, minty and a great natural flea repellent, but also leaves you furry friends smelling fresh.  

Ideal to use in between baths to top up to keep your pets smelling fresh.  So good you can use it for yourself.

Sulphate, Paraben and alcohol free, cruelty free vegan & vegetarian friendly, anti static.  Proudly made in the UK.  All our products are sourced locally in the North West of England.

Also available in our shampoo range.